Always looking for their own expression and wanting to create their own recognizable style, Urška and Tomaž Draž decided on a path not yet taken. Continuous experimenting, research and also ingenuity when it came to turning deficiency of available technology to their advantage, they developed a large number of innovations, original copyright textures and methods of composing garments, which remain both the foundation and clear distinctive marks of Draž trademark.

As well as previously enforced techniques they were also reluctant to follow the latest fashion trends. Not following trends they turned trend-setters instead as Draž philosophy became ever more present in the world of fashion. Beautiful yet comfortable, unique yet practical, extravagant yet wearable and most of all versatile and timeless Draž knitwear found their way in many a wardrobe. A once incredible idea that Draž produces garments for at least the next ten years proved quite real during a recent project by photographer Aleksandra Vajd, when Draž customers let her into their closets and demonstrated that ten-year-old Draž products were still beautiful, wearable and useable. Beside original textures and cuts this could not be possible without the use of top quality materials.

Driving principles of Draž Company thus remain experimenting with content and form as well as insisting on the highest quality from the elementary thread and all the way to the finished product.

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