Draž is a family trademark with years-long tradition. It evolved from mother Karolina's habit of spending her free time knitting and sewing, as well as teaching her young daughter Urška the skills of needlework. Their mutual pastime brought about the purchase of their first knitting machine in 1988. First orders followed and soon surpassed their somewhat modest production abilities. They were joined by their son and brother Tomaž, who (a student at the time) worked on patents to earn his pocket money. He soon realized the potential for creative expression in this line of work and was drawn in cooperation and design of his own models.

The first public presentation of their work was held in 1989 at the Fashion Bazaar in Cankarjev Dom. At the time, Draž designs were manufactured in Velenje and available at Dobrna health resort every Saturday, as well as in selected stores elsewhere in Slovenia. A growing demand for their products prompted the next big step – the opening of their own store in one of Dobrna health resort's pavilions. Things really started to pick up the pace. Regular production, representation for Brother knitting machines, foundation of knitters' club and organisation of machine knitting workshops, while continuously developing new techniques and ideas as well as breaking stereotypes gathered around the notion of a knitted garment. With time, their focus shifted from selling knitting machines to manufacturing knitwear, leading to the opening of their first knitwear and knitting machines store in 1993, located in Ledina Centre in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana. They were literally breaking boundaries as Urška presented her collection with much success in Opatija, Croatia, the very same year. Not only did it bring her the first prize in the avant-garde category, but also immense interest from both Croatian and Slovenian fashion circles, resulting in the immediate invitation by Modna Jana.

Consequently, Draž knitwear was featured in its fashion shows twice a year from 1994 to 2004. It has to be said that their first collections, as well as the awarded collection from 1993, were extremely extravagant and thus less suited for the actual market. But since Tomaž and Urška believed that knitwear should be a wearable, comfortable, beautiful as well as practical all at the same time, they slowly brought their unusual creations closer to their customers' needs. This was accompanied by a change of location as the store moved in 1999 from a somewhat dark and unattractive Ledina Centre to Gornji Trg, one of the more beautiful locations in the old part of Ljubljana, its relaxed sense of tradition and pleasurable atmosphere corresponding exquisitely with the Draž trademark's philosophy. It took years, but Draž was able to break the taboo of a knitted dress which was believed incapable of performing as formal, evening, graduation or wedding dress. Customers grew more and more susceptible to fresh, different and unusual ideas and ever more often decided to wear Draž knitted garments on various occasions.

Today, Draš&Draš, d.n.o., employs eight people, who continuously work on providing a selection of knitwear for their store on Gornji trg 9 in Ljubljana, where you can purchase your selected piece or choose from existing textures, cuts, colours and patterns and order your own piece of Draž knitwear to be made for you.

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